I’m experimenting with tilth gardening techniques on my little urban farm in Seattle. All that produce means there’s a lot of eating (and cooking) to do! Check back often. I’ll be sharing my cooking and gardening experiments.

(What’s a foodshed? Well, wikipedia has a pretty good explanation. It’s the region that produces food for a particular population. In this case, the region is my Seattle garden. Pretty small region – pretty small population!)

12 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thank you for following my blog! Love the concept of your foodshed. My gardening is pretty much limited to herbs, but even so it’s so satisfying to just step out the door and pick what I need as I’m putting a meal together. I’m looking forward to hear more about your life in the kitchen! Mar

  2. Thanks for the link to my red, white and blue spritzer recipe. It’s so nice to create no-fuss drinks with your own produce, isn’t it? Bottoms up!

  3. Ohhh, delightful! I found you when looking for a ginger/rosemary simple syrup and came across your recipe for Reed’s Ginger Beer/white wine/rosemary/lemon/berry drink. It’s light with lots of flavor and something a little special for a gathering. I also love your recipes, they’re right up my alley. I think you’re my new favorite site! I’m on the East side and garden/eat/drink and love dogs too. Thank you so much! Here are my fur-babies in the herb garden. https://imageshack.com/i/nf02rlsj

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