April Vegetable Gardening in Seattle

Even though the skies were overcast all day Sunday, the temperature felt invitingly warm for gardening, and I’ve been itching to plant April vegetables. The weather is flirting with coldness at night, but  warm enough with the promise of spring that you can go ahead and plant your April vegetables. I checked the soil thermometer and … it’s warm enough to start planting!

Soil Thermometer Says...
Soil Thermometer Says…

Fennel We’re experimenting with planting fennel this season. We love the crisp bulbs and the leaves for flavoring fish dishes. But we’ve heard it’s tricky to actually successfully grow the darn plant here in Seattle. They can bolt. They can just not grow at all. Or they can get woody super fast and then you’re super sad. You may find you have the best luck with one of the newer, hybrid varieties of fennel.

We’re also planting beets. Between the actual beets and the bulbs, you can’t go wrong. They’ll balance out our gamble with the fennel.

Beets and Fennel
Beets and Fennel

What else? Carrots and Arugula are going into another bed together. Last year we binged on arugula, including these incredible egg salad sandwiches with lots of arugula, and arugula pesto with toasted walnuts.

Carrots and Arugula
Carrots and Arugula

Up closer to the house, we’ve planted some cilantro and dill, so we can dash out of the kitchen and grab some fresh herbs.

Cilantro and Dill
Cilantro and Dill

Elsewhere in the garden, the pear tree is starting to bloom.

Pear Tree in Blossom
Pear Tree in Blossom

And the kiwi is looking happy after its fertilizing last month.

Kiwis Unfurling
Kiwis Unfurling

The red flowering currant is red. And flowering.

Red Flowering Currant - Currently Flowering
Red Flowering Currant – Currently Flowering

And Walnut – our stalwart gardening consultant –  is pleased with our work. If Walnut’s happy, we’re happy.

Walnut - Our wise garden consultant
Walnut – Our wise garden consultant


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