Thanksgiving Turkey – Roasted or Grilled – And a Classic Gravy Recipe

Should you grill the Thanksgiving turkey? Roast the Thanksgiving turkey? Brine it? Baste it? There’s so many ways to go! Now that we have multiple Thanksgivings (and practice Thanksgivings) under our (surprisingly not that expanded) belts, we’ve started to build up a little bank of turkey experience, to share with you.

Turkey on the Grill
Turkey on the Grill

Option 1: Roasting the Turkey, classic style, with a salt rub. In this series of blog posts, we walk through making a basting broth from roasted turkey parts (Making the Perfect Bird – Part 1: The Broth). Next is applying Saveur magazine’s technique of a salt rub, which improves the water-retention of the meat cells and results in a very succulent turkey (Making the Perfect Bird – Part 2: The Salt Rub). On Thanksgiving day, the house is full, the stakes are high, and a bit of planning takes away all the stress. Here’s how we figure out Turkey Roasting Times and Planning. Finally, there’s the actual roasting! Here’s how we roasted the Thanksgiving turkey, which turned out delightfully.

Roasted Turkey Parts
Roasted Turkey Parts

Option 2: On the other hand, you can barbecue your turkey on the grill. Grill your turkey, and you get a nuanced, smoky flavor, plus freed up oven space to make some more of the important things, like Apple Pie a la Jessica. Plus it’s fun, and you’re outdoors, so it feels especially autumnal and festive. And it’s delicious… Here’s a recipe for Classic Roast Turkey on the Grill.

Roasted Turkey, Hot off the Grill
Roasted Turkey, Hot off the Gril

Whatever you do, you’re going to need gravy. Here’s our favorite Thanksgiving Day Turkey Gravy recipe. The brilliance of this recipe? You can make it regardless if you roast or grill your turkey.

Our Favorite Thanksgiving Turkey Gravy
Our Favorite Thanksgiving Turkey Gravy

Next up: Some of our favorite Thanksgiving desserts.

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