Carpet Picnic by Canoe

Sometimes the best food is a simple lunch, enjoyed outside in the fresh air, after a little light exercise to get somewhere fantastically gorgeous. This was Francis’ first canoe trip, and she was amazing! (Walnut, the brown dog, stayed back at the cabin, taking a little nap for this adventure.)


Along the way, we saw a bald eagle up in a tree, a doe and fawn dozing on sunny gravel beach, and seals poking their sea-doggy heads out of the water to sniff the scent of the canoe dog.

Paddle Heaven
Paddle Heaven

Our go-to, on-the-go picnic: Avocado, laughing cow cheese, a seed baguette and pompelmo soda if it’s a super special occasion.  Which this was.

Perfect Carpet Picnic
Perfect Carpet Picnic

It was just us in the world, until a kingfisher flew by. And a little while later, the scent of the seals washed up in the ripples, and Francis waded out to sniff them.

Big World
Big World, Little Lady

Life could not be better in the Pacific Northwest.

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8 thoughts on “Carpet Picnic by Canoe”

  1. So no howling like she does in the car? I’m so glad she did a good job. Canoes can be tipsy for big and little beasties.

    1. Ruth, it was amazing! She hopped in and we let her get used to sitting in the canoe on shore for about 30 seconds. Then we pushed off and she rode like a pro! At the very end, she was sleeping so soundly she didn’t even wake up when we beached on the gravelly shore.

    2. Oh, and canoes can certainly be a bit tippy, which is why we were curious how it’d go and stayed close to shore. This canoe is three feet wide, 17 feet long and can carry 1200 pounds, so it’s at least very stable as far as canoes go. We love this boat!

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