On the Road to Oban

Thank you, Edinburgh. Our visit was lovely. Now, the adventure continues – wending our way north and west – to the little town of Oban.

Beautiful Scotland
Beautiful Scotland

Highland cattle? What sweet friends.


Gorgeous clouds.

Gathering Clouds
Gathering Clouds

Downtown Oban. Oban sits on a bay, and is the jumping off point for the ferry to the Isle of Mull. The little town is about 8,000 people in size, and full of fun places to explore.

On the Waterfront
On the Waterfront

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6 thoughts on “On the Road to Oban”

  1. Enjoy the west coast! Btw, the seafood shack at the Oban ferry port is a great bet for a delicious, super-fresh crab sandwich. Nothing fancy at all but really tasty. Eat it with legs dangling over the harbour wall. Your legs, not the crabs.

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