Ice Cream and Oysters? Only in Edinburgh

We love oysters. And we love oysters in Scotland. So, you can imagine how excited we were to see a food truck serving oysters! It was closed, but we walked up anyway to check it out. Upon further inspection, we saw it was an ice cream truck… Also serving oysters? What? Who knew? I mean we had sorbet with crab the other night, maybe it’s a Scottish thing.

Ok, Why Not?
Ok, Why Not?

Intriguing… Tell me more.

Cute Ice Cream Bus
Cute Ice Cream Bus

Then, we went to a grocery store and saw this last photo, which explains everything.

Ah, That Explains It
Ah, That Explains It
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5 thoughts on “Ice Cream and Oysters? Only in Edinburgh”

  1. Ice cream oysters used to be my favourite when I was small, I couldn’t manage a double nougat back then.

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