Adventures in New Town, Edinburgh

We’re fortifying for this morning’s adventures with an americano and croissant at Patisserie Valerie. We’re on Rose Street in Edinburgh’s New Town neighborhood. Depending on your perspective, New Town isn’t so new – it’s about 200 years old. How darling is this little place?!

Inside Patisserie Valerie


Patisserie Valerie
Patisserie Valerie
Perfect Start to the Morning
Perfect Start to the Morning
Love a Croissant!
Love a Croissant!

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10 thoughts on “Adventures in New Town, Edinburgh”

      1. Probs too late me seeing this but Timberyard on Lady Lawson Street – v chic but friendly, and into foraged stuff; Cafe Marlayne on Thistle Street (near Princes Street) for affordable Franco-Scots food (a family favourite); best cocktails at Bramble on Queens Street – in basement just around the corner from Hanover Street, no sign so just go on down. Have fun ladies! Apologies for the rubbish weather. May is usually a good weather month

      2. Wonderful! Thank you! We went to Timberyard already on our first night, it was great! Loved the space and the food was very interesting and innovative. I will check out your other recommendations. We were here for the very sunny day on Friday, so we got to see Edinburgh shine! Hanging out in the Black Cat right now listening to great fiddle and guitar. Love Rose street!

      3. So glad you all are having fun, and that it’s not raining πŸ˜€ Depending on funds, The Honours on Castle Street is great and wonderful service, while the pretty cheap Phuket Pavillion on Union Street (around from the east end of Princes Street, near the Playhouse Theatre) has tip top Thai food. Even cheaper (but with terrible decor!) is Little Vietnam on Dalry Road, and studenty Kampong Ah Lee Malaysian Delight on the other side of town, Clerk Street. Loads of good places in Edinburgh! Enjoy everything you do!

      4. You like the same types of places we do! We visited the Timberyard and it was perfect. Such good food and friendly folks. Will have to check out these other suggestions. And the weather isn’t rubbish! It’s very Seattle-like. πŸ™‚

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