Seattle Foodshed: Aloft and Abroad

The FoodShed is on the loose! For the next ten days, we’ll be blogging from the lovely, verdant green location you see below. Guess where we are?! We can’t wait to start sharing some lovely food and new sights with you… Some more clues and an answer after the link…

Patchwork of Green
Patchwork of Green

The view from the bedroom window…

Lush Outside
Lush Outside

Sweet golly, are we in a castle?!

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle

Yes, this is the view from Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland. The FoodShed will be in Edinburgh for the next few days, and then traveling through the Scottish middle-lands and up into the Isle of Mull. Stay tuned for some fabulous food and adventures. We’re excited to start exploring.

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