May Garden Update: Parsley Madness

We’ve had a heat blast here in Seattle, and while some plants are loving it (the blueberries and strawberries) some plants are kind of scaring us with their enthusiastic embrace of the elements. We cut back an adirondack chair’s worth of parsley this evening…

Runaway Parsley
Runaway Parsley

Also, we cannot eat enough bok choi. It grows as fast as we can steam it. Which is wonderful because we certainly love bok choi!

Bok Choi Basket
Bok Choi Basket

And finally, there was a scare with the tarragon this winter but it seems to be coming back as good as new. Putting some fresh new soil and fertilizer in its pot seems to have been a good thing.

Going to eat that with some cold orzo lunch salad over the next few days.

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6 thoughts on “May Garden Update: Parsley Madness”

  1. Oh my, your gardening season is light years ahead of ours! Yesterday we had (and I kid you not): sunshine, rain, snow, sleet, hail, thunder and cold temperatures. When we woke up this morning it was 0 degrees C (that’s 32 degrees F for you). Glad that last week when I was wearing sundresses in the beautiful warm weather I resisted the impulse to put in any plants. Your plants look beautiful. I can hardly wait until I can nip out of the house while I’m cooking for a snippet of parsley, a few leaves of sage, a branch of rosemary … I can almost smell the herbs now.

    1. Your weather sounds like a practical joke! Seriously, I laughed when I read that. Good gracious. In no time, you’ll be wearing a sundress and snipping fresh herbs from your garden, I know it! Hang in there!

      1. A meteorological practical joke, indeed! It’ll be back to warm spring weather by Wednesday, or so they say. Then maybe I’ll plant my herbs!

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