The Fastest Way to a (Chicken) Lady’s Heart

Last week, we had the joy of watching our friend Jessica’s chickens while she was out of town. Spending time with the three ladies is hilarious, entertaining, and means all the fresh eggs you can eat. Hooray! Of course, we have to thank the ladies for all their greatness.. which we do… with an ingredient guaranteed to win over any chicken’s heart. Here come the girls!

This way? Or... that way?
This way? Or… that way?

Their swinging feed bin is pretty cool. And they enjoy pecking at shells for a little beak strengthening.

Three Delightful Hens
Three Delightful Hens

Hmm, what’s in your laying box, ladies?

What's in your nesting box?
What’s in your nesting box?

Wowsers!! Nice job, ladies! It’s so exciting to open up the lid and see what they’ve laid. We ate a LOT of eggs over this glorious little time period.

Fresh Egg Jackpot!
Fresh Egg Jackpot!

But the ultimate delight for these chicken ladies? It’s meal worms!! Yeay, dead meal worms!! They’re so gross that I didn’t include a picture of them, but the ladies go bananas when you sprinkle them on the ground, as you can see.

Get it, Girls!
Get it, Girls!

It’s always sad to say goodbye. Thank goodness Jessica lives right up the street.

Look at that Face
Look at that Face

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9 thoughts on “The Fastest Way to a (Chicken) Lady’s Heart”

  1. Love the pictures. You captured them well. Their names are She-Devil, the star of most of these photos, Trouble, the lighted colored one and “Other”–yes, “Other”. We’re still waiting for her personality to shine through for a better name.

  2. Oh, I just loved seeing the ladies! Unfortunately my city won’t allow urban chicken coops. It would be wonderful to have a few hens living the good life and happily producing eggs for me.

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