Seattle FoodShed’s Tarragon Halibut on Bon Appetit

Every now and then the FoodShed randomly appears on other blogs… Sometimes for random things like our photo of a soil thermometer. Other times, for food photos. This morning we saw that Bon Appetit is pointing to our Tarragon Halibut in Hazelnut Butter.

Halibut with Hazelnut Tarragon Butter
Halibut with Hazelnut Tarragon Butter

Thanks, Bon Appetit! You can check it out here, (we’re slide #2) and see what other bloggers are cooking, too. And if you’re looking for a dinner idea for tonight or this weekend, this really is such a lovely, springtimey dish. Here’s the original blog post if you’d like to cook this up at your house.

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4 thoughts on “Seattle FoodShed’s Tarragon Halibut on Bon Appetit”

  1. That means so much coming from you. We LOVE your blog. Your Preserving the New Season blog post is SO inspirational, especially as we start harvesting our spring crops and planning for summer.

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