Tasty n Alder – A Portland, Oregon Delight

The plates at Tasty n Alder are sized to be shareable. And that’s a good thing, because you’re going to want to taste a lot of their elanieenu. Bring a friend or two and settle in for a long evening of great food, great wine, and a bustling neighborhood atmosphere.

A Seat with a View
A Seat with a View

Tasty n Alder Dining Room
Tasty n Alder Dining Room

This is another restaurant in the  Tasty n Sons dynasty. Even tho it was a work night, the place was bustling. We whiled away a pleasant half hour drinking wine at the bar and waiting for a spot at the counter by the kitchen.

Gosh, that's good
Gosh, that’s good

We trusted our server and her recommendations, and everything she brought out was spot on… We loved the radicchio with lardons, manchego and chopped six minute egg. The radicchio wasn’t remotely bitter and the dish was complex and delicious. The cavatelli sugo was almost smoky, rich and flavorful. The three of us enjoyed it immensely. We ate several other dishes, but unfortunately devoured all of them before we could take pictures.

Next time we’re in town, we’ll try the German restaurant Grunner across the street. But right after dinner we had other things on our mind – a trip to the Ruby Jewel ice cream shop right around the corner.

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