March Gardening in Seattle – Snow Peas, Broccoli Raab, Pope Francis & More

Now that the soil is warmed up and the beds are all ready to plant, we get to do the fun part! Putting the seeds in the soil! Come see what we’re planting, and what those mystery rows are that you see below.

Territorial's Avalanche Snow Peas
Territorial’s Avalanche Snow Peas

Those are Territorial Seed’s Avalanche Snow Peas you see above. We’re looking forward to running them up the trellis. We planted these in a big silver feed bin, which is great for helping keep the soil warm and makes weeding the beds very easy. These peas will be ready in 61 days, and are supposed to be a vibrant dark green. We had great success with last year’s Super Sugar Snap peas, also from Territorial, so we’re excited to give these a shot too.

Of course, every project needs a manager, and Francis Pickle has been overseeing our gardening for as long as we’ve had dirt to plunge our paws in. She was recently elected Pontiff, but she still makes managing us, Walnut and her three cats her top priority. Pope Francis is a busy woman. We’d be lost without her.

Pope Francis
Pope Francis

This is a new one for us, this year – Broccoli Raab. This is from Kitazawa Seed Co down in Oakland, CA. (According to their website, they’re the oldest seed company specializing in Asian seeds in the U.S. Interesting.) We’re looking forward to giving their seeds a try. These will be ready in 45 days, which we’re looking forward to! For those not familiar with broccoli raab, this vegetable is great eaten in stir fry, with udon noodles, steamed with soy sauce… you get the idea.

Broccoli Raab - Rapini
Broccoli Raab – Rapini

These darling little Pac Chois are from Rent’s Due Ranch. We didn’t grow them from seed (obviously), but bought them in a six pack from Sky Nursery. We’re hoping to eat these for a good period of time, and they’ll go great in stir fries with the broccoli raab.

Pac Choi

We didn’t plant these, but they’re a bonus find! The parsley had grown into a massive bush, and after I trimmed it back, I was surprised and delighted to find a fair number of strawberry plants. We’ll see how they do, now that they’ve been rescued.

Found Strawberries
Found Strawberries

Here’s a treat for the cat friends. They sit in the window admiring our gardening skills. Or more likely, admiring the birds. Either way, they deserve a little treat. So we’re experimenting with this kitty seed grass from Renee’s Garden. It’s called (inexplicably?) Kitty Queen, which sounds grand, and like something that Pope Francis would approve of.

Kitty Greens
Kitty Greens

Finally, this year we’re putting a cloche on the upper bed. This should help raise the soil’s temperature, protect the fresh little crops, and bring us a bumper harvest over the next few weeks. We’ll see how those dreams pan out. Stay tuned!

All Tucked In
All Tucked In

What are YOU planting right now?

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9 thoughts on “March Gardening in Seattle – Snow Peas, Broccoli Raab, Pope Francis & More”

  1. I just brought greenhouse plastic yesterday. It cost a bit of money but it also has built in UV protection so the plastic will hopefully last many years.

  2. Glad your garden is up & running. When the time is right I will plant out my seedlings. I’ve just sown rapini, chiogga beets, pak choi, tatsoi, radishes, & loads more in homemade fibre pots. these are waiting in our unheated conservatory for the weather to cheer up. I hope your veggies all come up and you two enjoy the fruits of your Labour for months to come. Pope Francis is a honey!

  3. Nice to see the beginning of the gardening season! Too cold here in Ohio to plant anything outside yet – it was 17 degrees this a.m., where oh where is Spring?! I planted tomatoes inside for the first time and they have germinated and now are under the light. 🙂 Happy gardening – love your garden supervisor Francis!

    1. 17 DEGREES??!! Goodness. I’m guessing you get much warmer weather here than we get in Seattle during the summer. It rarely gets warm enough to grow tomatoes well in our garden. I hope you get a bumper crop. And I’ll tell Francis she has another fan. 🙂

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