March Gardening in Seattle – Getting Ready to Plant

Spring is here! And it’s time to start planting vegetable seeds in our Seattle garden. How do we know? Well, all the signs are there! First, just look at how pumped Walnut is!

Walnut's Ready for Some Garden Time
Walnut’s Ready for Some Garden Time

One of the first signs of spring – the red flowering currant is … flowering.

Red Flowering Currant
Red Flowering Currant

The soil temperature is hovering at 50. For the seeds we’re planting today, soil temperatures should be right around 50.

The Soil Temperature's Right
The Soil Temperature’s Right

It’s time to amend the vegetable beds and get to planting! Our favorite vegetable bed amendment is Gardner & Bloome’s Harvest Supreme. Not only is it 15% chicken manure (wheeeee!!!) but it also has bat guano and kelp, to add all kinds of extra great nutrients to the soil. It’s important to make sure your soil isn’t so dense that the new little sprouts can’t push their way thru the topsoil. Adding this amendment lets little pockets of air and light soil form, so the seeds have a fighting chance.

Harvest Supreme
Great for amending the vegetable beds

Now, on to the planting!

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7 thoughts on “March Gardening in Seattle – Getting Ready to Plant”

  1. Despite our similar latitude your growing season is so much more accelerated. We are currently experiencing a sleet shower. Light blizzard earlier…Ugh. Roll on spring and getting my hands dirty in the garden. At least my black kale is still providing 😀

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