A Visit to Oak in Seattle’s Beacon Hill Neighborhood

Looking for a welcoming little neighborhood bar to visit this weekend? We had the joy of stumbling across Oak in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood, and we liked it enough we thought we’d invite you to visit, too.

Boxy Bar
Boxy Bar

The bar at the back is warmly invitingly dim, with fun touches like a ‘paint by numbers’-ish mural, a wall of liquor in boxes, and a long bar with all kinds of intriguing little trinkets embedded in it. A great conversation starter with strangers, and a fascinating little distraction, too.

Kitty Bar!!
Kitty Bar!!

We had a delicious fried chicken sandwich that we ate too quickly to take a photo of. The same went for the fruit cobbler in a jar, which disappeared before we even realized what we were doing. However, we were able to snap a shot of these fries before devouring them. There was great beer on tap, too. We had some lovely local brews, including Fremont Brewing, which is near and dear to our hearts (and our neighborhood).

Cozy Fries
Cozy Fries

For those folks with children, there’s a separate seating area for parents to enjoy a pint alongside their offspring. Nice touch for parents who want to get out. Also – love these murals!

Paint by Numbers
Paint by Numbers

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