Snow Pea Egg Drop Soup

Once you have the ingredients on hand, this soup is ridiculously quick and easy to make. The clean, clear hon dashi broth makes a perfect base for the rich threads of egg and the sweet, slightly crunchy snow peas. For the best experience, drink it from a warm bowl cupped in your hands.

Egg Drop Soup
Egg Drop Soup

Cut the 16 snow peas in half on the diagonal. Boil them very briefly in salted water until they are just cooked, but still crisp.

Bring 3 1/2 cups dashi to a boil. (Dashi is a clear, clean fish broth. You can buy liquid or granulated dashi at your local Japanese grocery store. We shop at Uwajimaya in Seattle. If you don’t have access to dashi, a vegetable broth will do, but try to find dashi, as it’s a classic for this dish.)

Beat 3 eggs thoroughly in a medium-sized bowl. Stir the dashi until it makes a small whirlpool as it boils. Pour in a stream of beaten eggs with one hand, while with the other hand, use your chopsticks to pick up the growing strands of egg, separating them into pieces.

Ladle into 4 soup bowls and arrange the snow peas on top for the prettiest presentation. (Our snow peas are sitting on the bottom of the bowl!) Sprinkle with green onions if you’d like.

Egg Drop Soup
Egg Drop Soup

This dinner is very nice with futomaki and nigiri.


  • 16 fresh snow peas, sliced on the diagonal
  • 3 eggs
  • 3 1/2 cups dash (broth)
  • green onions (optional)

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4 thoughts on “Snow Pea Egg Drop Soup”

  1. This sounds delicious. May have to wait until we get back home. More Mexican stores down here than there is Oriental. 🙂 Mom

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