Cafe au Lait, Anyone?

France is full of wonderful sites, including this. Cafe au laits are a little pricier made with this milk, and of course the milk bottles are a bit smaller, but the flavor is totally worth it. Also, we’d love to visit their milking facility. The milk maids are probably super tiny.

Delivered in Tiny Milk Trucks
Delivered in Tiny Milk Trucks

Speaking of tiny, we’d love to see the firetrucks that use this hydrant.

I'm a Giant!!
I’m a Giant!!

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6 thoughts on “Cafe au Lait, Anyone?”

      1. I always enjoy the unique uses of the English language I find when I travel to non-English speaking countries. France doesn’t really hold a candle to Asia in this regard, but Cat Milk is pretty good. πŸ™‚

  1. The “firetrucks” that use this hydrant all come with collars, licenses, and leashes Sweetie.

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