A Homey Bar Away From Home

It was one in the afternoon when we walked into Les Milles et Une Vignes – a neighborhood wine bar on the outskirts of Beaune’s old town. A group of friends was drinking wine and little cups of espresso at a communal table, and a long-legged dog with a deflated half of a rugby ball greeted us at the door.

Friends At Midday
Friends At Midday

Everywhere you look, there is wine.

Wine Upon Wine
Wine Upon Wine

As the friends filed out and back to work, Marine – the owner – started to take down framed pictures off the wall, replacing them one by one with new pictures she pulled from a box. That weekend the whole town was gearing up for the year’s big wine auction, which has been held since the 1850s and is a big event. (In 2010 it brought in more than 5 million Euros, according to a WSJ article online.) Her new pictures were themed around the wine auction celebration.

At the bar, the long-legged dog was shaking paws with whoever would reciprocate.

The Bar's Official Greeter
The Bar’s Official Greeter

All of the knickknacks and casual atmosphere were a bit of welcome relief against the picture perfect patisseries and charcuteries and boucheries of the rest of the town.

Strung Up
Strung Up
Seriously - Wine Everywhere
Seriously – Wine Everywhere

We had our first taste of one of the 2012 Beaujolais Nouveaus here. Exciting and delicious. It was so fruity it reminded us of bubble gum. Seriously fruity. We didn’t realize that the beaujolais nouveaus are embargoed each year until a certain date – which happened to be one of the days we were in Beaune. So it was fun to drink this french wine in France.

Red and White
Red and White

How much did we like this place? We ended up visiting three times. We’d be regulars if we lived a bit closer.

We Liked This Place
We Liked This Place

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7 thoughts on “A Homey Bar Away From Home”

  1. Well, it is refreshing to see that not everyone has a drop dead beautiful shop & is still doing OK with their business… Unlikely to see a dog in an American Bar (Health Departments Rules) but
    this one seems to add personally and brighten the place up… Is the framework out front a simple porch cover or a screen porch?? Love, mom XOXO

  2. I’m loving all your photos! Dumb tech question since I’m headed to Spain next week. Are you doing all these shots with iphone and uploading to blog? I’d like to do some similar posts but I’m a neophyte! Thanks!

    1. Yes! These were all done over wireless. Took the photos with my iphone, then shared them to a photostream on my iPad, then just opened WordPress, located the photo stream, and uploaded. (You could also do this with the wordpress app on your iphone, if you’re really good at typing with your thumbs.) If you have any other tech questions, happy to help. (I love technology.)

      1. Ha!! No, you don’t need any cords to share a photostream. Also, it occurs to me that an even easier option is using the iCloud – the photos you take on your iPhone will sync with iPhoto on your iPad
        Here’s info on iCloud. this may be all you need.


        Here’s how to set it up on your devices.

        I’d do a practice run before you go. We did and it was helpful. http://www.apple.com/icloud/setup/mac.html

        Happy to provide any other info too. Just let us know!

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