A Farmers Market Picnic in Beaune

I’m feeling rather Hemingway-sequence as I write this. We’re perched up in our french countryside castle hotel room with glasses of wine, fresh cheese and sausage from the market, and night settling peacefully onto the little town of Beaune, while Edith Piaf plays in the background. Did Hemingway write about nougat as big as your head? Because that’s the topic of the moment.


Beaune has a big Sunday market and a smaller Wednesday market, which we visited today. The nougat was actually as big as three human heads – monstrously impressive in its unmitigated sweetness power.

We saw many mushrooms – many similar to those from the Pacific Northwest.

These mini gingers were intriguing.

There were also these darling mini squashes, which we would love to have cooked up if we had a hotel room. (Our hotel expressly forbids both cooking and mixing drinks. I guess I could see the former if we’d brought a hot plate, but the latter is a tidge baffling.)

For our lunch picnic, we had to have some of these cheeses.

Full ham legs. Wow.



A birthday picnic – wow.


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14 thoughts on “A Farmers Market Picnic in Beaune”

    1. Pascale! That is very unsporting of you! I can tell you, though, I’m perfectly happy if I never eat another bread, cheese or red wine dish – at least for a few months. And the good news is, with all the walking we did, we came back just as fit as we went. Hurray!

  1. Those little black billy goat pricing signs are adorable. I love how the pictures show that the markets are truly a “grocery store”.

  2. Your trip sounds and looks so great. Thought I would comment that those little white tubers are not ginger but Crosne sometimes called Chinese artichokes. They are a little like Jerusalem artichokes but not related at all. Crosne are from a plant in the mint family.

  3. WOW!! This is late November and there are fresh tomatoes at the Farmer’s Market!!
    I wonder if they were “greenhouse” or just super hearty?? Love, MOM

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