A Dive Coffee Shop with Lovely Espresso

We’ve been spending most of our time in the Marais – which is like living in an almost surreal fairy tale land that feels like a movie set and couldn’t get any more darling unless the streets were also teaming with kittens. But a few days ago we set out in search of an intriguing restaurant in the 10th arrondissement, where things are a little grittier and the fairy tale quotient is dialed down to four. We had a lovely time.

The 10th is grittier than the Marais, for sure. It’s great to get out and explore. We passed a boatload of shops selling costumes for men, which we figured out were suits. The number of mopeds and bicycles on the streets is wonderful, and they’re all darting along at great speeds, seemingly without incident.
After our long walk, we had some time to kill before our reservation at noon, so we stepped into this hotel bar/coffee shop. 20121114-105233.jpg
An order of espress is less expensive drunk standing up at the counter, so we joined the other customer and drank ours that way too. We have yet to have a bad espresso here, no matter where we drink one. So nice for Seattleites.


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5 thoughts on “A Dive Coffee Shop with Lovely Espresso”

    1. Absolutely! You take up less table space obviously, spo it makes sense it’s cheaper. A nice thing about paying to sit down is that they don’t pressure you at all to stand up and pay and leave. You can camp out for seemingly as long as you desire.

  1. I can’t say I’m literally homesick–but I wish to be in Paris again soon. A fav little restaurant about a 10-15min walk in Bastille we’ve been to 2x (1st time by with our Parisian friends and to our surprise we wandered and found it again a year later) : Les Galopins, 24, rue des Tallandiers, Bastille, 75 011 or ring 01 47 00 45 35 It’s unassuming and very French, very delicious! I’m so glad you’re posting photos!

    1. That sounds worth checking out. We’ll be back in Paris briefly in a few days, and the Bastille would be good to visit. Glad you’re enjoying the photos. We’re having a lovely time sharing them with you.

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