La Belle Hortense – A Bookstore and Wine Bar

Next time you’re in Paris, I recommend you pop in to this cozy little bookstore/wine bar in the heart of Paris’ Marais district.


Outside, the narrow little streets bustle with Parisians and tourists browsing all the little jewel boxes of sparkly shops. Inside, books line the walls to the ceilings, illuminated by lamps. On the lower shelves, wine bottles take the place of books – a lovely trade.


The buildings here are old and beautiful and fascinating. This skylight brings in daylight and a peek thru to another building that appears to be trying to browse a few books itself.


There’s an eating area in the back, and a little kitchen to serve the visitors who’d like to eat amongst the books.


Back up at the front of this narrow little store, there’s wine tasting of reds, whites and sparkly.


A long mirror above the bar reflects back happy faces and a view of the bustling street outside.


We could see one of these in Seattle doing very well – and we could see ourselves as happy proprietors.


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