Falafel in Paris

On Sundays, much of Paris is quaintly quiet. But in the gay Jewish district of the Marais, things are hopping. By the time we walked to the heart of the district about 1pm, the place was really bustling.

There are a number of falafel shops and several delis in the heart of the Marais. The smell of fried eggplant and spices and onions wafts thru the air, tempting hungry stomachs and cold noses. We visited Chez Hanna on 54 rue des Rosiers, via the walk up window. You could sit down inside, but the wait looked long and eating on the street is a pleasure when it’s the narrow cobbled streets of Paris.
We quickly figured out you pay inside at the cashier, then bring your receipt to the front window and your order is made as you mingle with the little crowd of happy, hungry people.
We both got the vegetarian falafel, which is a pita bread split in half, swiped with hummus and a red peppery tomato-y, slightly spicy sauce, and stuffed with grated carrots, cucumber, cabbage in a tzatziki sauce, seven or eight darling little falafel balls, and topped with a few slices of slightly sweet fried eggplant.
This is just a fun photo of one of the nearby streets – love it here!

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