A Visit to the Sunday Farmer’s Market in Paris

As I type, we’re lounging on our sofa eating goodies from the Sunday farmers market, looking out at the Seine and the Eiffel Tower, which is all lit up for the evening. The Marche Raspail organic market opens every Sunday, and its bustling atmosphere and delicious food is a sight not to be missed. It’s just a short walk from the Marais, where we’re staying.


Walk over the Seine and thru Luxembourg gardens. Walk thru the crispy fallen leaves past the children playing soccer and the adults playing some type of indecipherable game with a little white ball and skinny rackets.

And dive into the bustling market.


First we had a thick, brioche bread with chunks of semi sweet dark chocolate. Amazing.


The seafood laid out on ice was pretty.


There are meats and cheeses galore. We bought both at this shop, along with some olives of various stripes. And we’ve been meeting wonderful French people wherever we go. The lovely woman who ran this stand was very patient with my ridiculous version of French. She kept saying “alors” and I kept saying “merci” and smiling, and it worked out well. It always amazes me when children speak French. Even French children.


Okay, one of the little stands was selling baked goods including these mini canele. There was a small French child with enormous eye glasses ahead of us in line, who was enormously excited to pull out her purse and purchase some sweets. It was adorable. And the caneles were delicious.


Can you imagine living above this market? And the crazy thing is how all of the houses are so photographable. I kept taking photos of all the amazing apartments, until I had to stop because the city is overrun with quaintness. Who knew Europe would be this amazing?




And cheeses. Bigger than your head.


And then a walk back home over the Seine and on to new adventures.


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3 thoughts on “A Visit to the Sunday Farmer’s Market in Paris”

  1. How fun! Have felafel on the Rue des Rosiers for me. And there’s an affordable but great restaurant called Hangar (Hanger?) tucked away in the Marais–that’s where we like to stay too. 🙂 Safe travels!

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