Broiled Miso-Rubbed Halibut over Udon Noodles

We’re starting a category on the blog called Dinner in a Minute, in which we give dinner recipes you can make in a minute. Or maybe (if we’re being realistic) in twelve to fourteen minutes. Dinners that don’t leave you feeling ‘well, THAT meal was a rip-off’, but that also don’t take a good deal of effort. This recipe is definitely a Dinner in a Minute. Warm up and take the chill off with this rich, almost earthy, deeply satisfying (and satisfyingly easy) bowl of noodles.

Broiled, Miso-Rubbed Halibut over Udon Noodles
Broiled, Miso-Rubbed Halibut over Udon Noodles

This meal is so simple, the recipe is basically the title of this post. We found this in Sunset magazine and had to make it.

Brush halibut fillets with a mixture of yellow miso, soy sauce and oil. Broil the halibut, then put it on a bed of udon noodles tossed with wilted spinach. Garnish with sliced green onions.

We’ll add more to the Dinner in a Minute category as we find more good recipes. To browse this blog by category, look over to the right hand side, about halfway down the page, and either browse in the Category Cloud (which is ethereal and refreshing!) or directly below that in the dropdown menu (which is orderly and comprehensive!)


  • halibut fillet
  • yellow miso
  • soy sauce
  • oil
  • sliced green onions

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4 thoughts on “Broiled Miso-Rubbed Halibut over Udon Noodles”

  1. Weirdly, a few weeks ago I made a miso grilled corn and tofu for the blog and yesterday I made myself a wee rump steak salad with a ginger miso dressing for lunch, so we are obviously on the same wave length! Hope you are still enjoying your prolific garden. Ours has shut up shop, except for the kale.

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