DruBru Beer – Enjoying a Micro Craft Brew

The DruBru container is fun – reminiscent of something you’d find in an old school apothecary’s shop. We wondered if the contents of the container would be as lovely as the vessel. Only one way to find out.

Dru Bru - The First Pour
Dru Bru – The First Pour

Well, we’ll skip right to the verdict, because we’re impatient like that. This beer is good. We live right down the street from the Latona Pub (which features a rotating tap list of great local northwest beers), and we could see this beer fitting right in.

It’s rich with a hoppy bite. Granted, we’re not as elegantly descriptive as Dru Bru, which describes the beer thusly:

A crisp copper colored ale with an intense floral hop aroma reminiscent of citrus, and pine. Hops dominate the flavor and provide an assertive bitterness, but faintly caramel malt flavors provide just enough sweetness to bring balance.

What he said.

We like the imaginative packaging (going, going, gone indeed).

Imaginative Packaging
Imaginative Packaging

This is the Wounded Viking we’re enjoying, by the way. Dru Bru appears to have four beers on tap right now, altho we’re not totally clear on where the tap room is. But when we find it, we’ll let you know.

Wounded Viking - Dru Bru
Wounded Viking – Dru Bru

How pretty is this beer? Very.

Great Golden Color
Great Golden Color

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