Metro Bagels in Port Townsend

Port Townsend is less than 60 miles from Seattle, but getting there is a unique and beautiful trip. And once we’re there, we always make time to stop in at a great little bagel placed called Metro Bagels. Ok, bacon and egg sandwich bagels are probably not exactly kosher, but this place is worth a visit.

Metro Bagels Galore
Metro Bagels Galore

Tight crumb, great selection, classic New York style, these bagels remind us of Murray’s Bagels in NYC. So great to find them in a little corner of Washington State.

Bagel Sandwich!
Bagel Sandwich!

Rumor is they’re about to open a new shop in Port Hadlock, too. First Port Hadlock, and then THE WORLD!!!

Waiting for the Ferry
Waiting for the Ferry

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2 thoughts on “Metro Bagels in Port Townsend”

  1. In June, we visited Port Townsend for the first time. It’s such a lovely little town, and we had a great time walking around, playing on the beach, and riding the ferry (while our son desperately hoped that he would spot on Orca). I think our favorite stop was at Elevated Ice Cream. That place is fantastic.

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