Late July Garlic & Shallot Harvest

This is just a quick little post, because we had a quick little harvest. But, if you’re curious about garlic harvesting and what to do with the bulbs once you get them out of the ground, this should be of interest. Plus, they’re so pretty in the sun!

Shallot Line Up
Shallot Line Up

You may remember back in April when we planted the garlic and shallots. Back then, the harvest time of ‘late summer’ seemed impossibly far into the future. But the future is upon us, and so are the garlic and shallots.

Shallots in the Sun
Shallots in the Sun

The shallots will be amazing in all types of dishes – pan-fried trout, mussels, and so much more.

Purple Garlic
Purple Garlic

And for great information about drying garlic, visit this blog post on Diary of a Tomato.

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