Drying Herbs – The Rock Star Staples – Sage and Thyme

Our herbs are kind of dramatic. Like Janis Joplin and James Dean, their fate in life is to flower and die young. Which is no good for herbs, because you can’t use them after they’ve flowered. So, it’s always a race to get them before they reach that stage. Such was the case with the sage and the thyme.

Dried Herbs - But What ARE They?
Dried Herbs – But What ARE They?

After we’d cut them back, we laid them in a dark cupboard on top of some wax paper and left them for a few weeks. When we came back, they were definitely dried herbs. Fresh herbs have their place, but dried herbs are wonderful too. These will be great in herbs de provence, Italian sauces, some muddled vodka drinks, and with some meats like pork, chicken and steak.

Whooo's Herbs?
Whooo’s Herbs?

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6 thoughts on “Drying Herbs – The Rock Star Staples – Sage and Thyme”

  1. You have a great blog going here! Checked out your salmon cooking and I just wish we had fresh salmon here in South Africa. Dried herbs really have their place in the kitchen but far to few people are willing to grow their own.

    1. I know, we have so much great, fresh salmon here that sometimes I forget other folks in the world don’t have it. We definitely don’t take it for granted. While Melanie was in Congo in peace corps, she did have access to lots of tilapia, and we’re about to do a blog post on that white fish.

  2. I grow herbs every year, but have never dried any. Another project for the list! Love those little cannisters, by the way 🙂

    1. That’s so great! Give it a try. There’s something extra special about cooking with herbs you’ve dried yourself. You kind of feel like a pioneer. And aren’t those cannisters great? So pleasing!

  3. With everything else going on in the garden at this time of year, It’s a challenge to remember to dry herbs now while they’re at their peak. They’re often overlooked until Fall, when they’ve already started to die back — thanks for the reminder!

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