June Planting – Strawberries, Lettuces, Basil, and More

We’ve had an empty spot in our hearts (and raised garden bed) ever since we finished off the last of the swiss chard. Time to fill in the empty spaces with lovely things to eat. All of these delights are from Rent’s Due Ranch – a great farm with a great story.

Happy Beds
Happy Beds

Edible Seattle’s article details how Rent’s Due got its name, and a great read of their history – from growing their own crops to selling to small stores, farmer’s markets and local chefs. What a great story. We’ve grown Rent’s Due starts in the past and we’ve gotta recommend their stuff, if you can get ahold of it.

Happy Beds
Happy Beds

From Rent’s Due, we’re growing basil, parsley, radicchio, and oak leaf lettuce. Stay tuned for some lovely concoctions in the next few weeks.

We also picked up some alpine strawberries (we’ll see if we get to them before the birdies).

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One thought on “June Planting – Strawberries, Lettuces, Basil, and More”

  1. I need to look through your blog some more to see if you’ve posted any recipes for swiss chard? Mine is ready and I’m wondering how I’m going to cook it. I’m a Swiss Chard newbie! Have a great weekend!

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