Champagne Cocktails with St. Germain and Mint

Looking for a light, cool cocktail to enjoy in your summer garden? These Champagne cocktails with St. Germain and fresh mint are a light, bubbly, delicious revelation. They are also super easy cocktails to make, which is handy when you have a few extra guests over.

Friends in the Woods
Friends in the Woods

St. Germain is a liqueur made from elderberry flowers hand-picked in the alps. And gosh, is it good. Here’s how to make the cocktail.

Fill a champagne flute (or another type of glass if you’re a heathen out in the woods without a champagne flute) three-quarters of the way full with champagne. Then top off with St. Germaine and add some fresh mint leaves. Tear up the mint a bit to get the full mint experience. Enjoy!

Refreshing Cocktail in the Garden
Refreshing Cocktail in the Garden


  • Champagne
  • St. Germain (an elderberry liqueur)

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