June Harvesting in Seattle: Snow Peas Galore, & a Surprise!

First of all, LOOK at how glorious these snow peas are! They’re bursting out all over. We planted these back in March, and the first peas of the season are upon us. We have some cooking to do!

Glorious Sugar Snap Pea
Glorious Sugar Snap Pea

The mint is also feeling its oats, so we may need to come up with a recipe to combine the two. We can think of a few ideas already.

Time to Start Cooking
Time to Start Cooking

And judging by the flowers, we’ll have snow peas for some time to come. So great.

And Flowers Galore
And Flowers Galore

Now, here’s the surprise! This year we experimented with fertilizing the kiwi, and apparently there’s something to this whole fertilizing thing. This is our first season with actual little kiwi fruits! (Now, it could be because the kiwis also needed to wait a few years before they started to bear fruit, but we’re pretty sure the fertilizer wasn’t a bad idea either.) We’ll see how they develop as the season goes along!

Future Kiwis
Future Kiwis

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