FoodShed Faves: The Mandolin

A good deal of the joy of cooking comes from the aesthetic pleasures of having the right tools. The perfect pair of scissors, the right knife, a solid mortar and pestle… And right up there on the list for us is a mandolin. (Whenever we say mandolin, at least half the FoodShed says ‘queue the banjo music and call up Dolly Parton!’) But as much as we love Dolly, we actually mean this:

Special Anti-Knuckle-Skinning Feature
Special Anti-Knuckle-Skinning Feature

Yes, one of our favorite kitchen tools is the mandolin. Now, you can buy fancy mandolins for lots of money. Or, you can head down to a big Asian market like Uwajimaya and buy a mandolin like this one, for very inexpensive. We probably spent less than $20 on this one.

Blade Options
Blade Options

The interchangeable blades make short work of all kinds of slicing and shredding jobs, and it’s super easy to clean. We use this all the time – most recently, on Swiss Chard Potato Cakes.

Handy Blade Storage
Handy Blade Storage

What are some of your favorite kitchen and garden tools? Tell us, do, in the comments below!

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