FoodShed’s New Feature – Help Me, I’m Hungry

It happens all the time – a friend has relatives in town and needs to know an Italian restaurant with vegetarian options and great ambiance. Or an acquaintance needs a place to take a client for dinner – something that captures the essence of Seattle and also says ‘we’re doing something swanky.’ Or a colleague wants to know the best steakhouse in Omaha and do we know if they take reservations? We love researching (and eating at) and recommending restaurants – not just here in Seattle, but across the U.S. and beyond.

And so, we’re going to experiment with a new feature – Help Me, I’m Hungry.

You let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll recommend a restaurant for your occasion. We’re already doing this informally with friends and colleagues. Why not share the love with you, our dear readers?

What a fun way for us to start compiling a list of our favorite restaurants, sharing Seattle’s best food spots, and learning from our community of readers. So next time someone asks us about a kid-friendly, Ethiopian buffet, we know just where to point them (Awash in Columbia City).

The fine print, aka, how it works: 

Send us a little info:

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