Slow-Roasted Grilled Chicken with Herbs de Provence

For those evenings when you have a bit more time to make dinner, slow roasting chicken on the grill is an excellent, super-easy option. Slow roasting the chicken over indirect heat is a good thing – it holds in all the juices, caramelizes the skin, and makes for a lovely, distinct flavor. Herbs de provence make the flavor all the better.

Platter of Slow-Roasted Chicken
Platter of Slow-Roasted Chicken

If possible, do this step one day in advance. (If you can’t, it’s not a deal breaker, but it is very nice.) Purchase four chicken thigh and legs, still together, bone in, skin on.

In a small bowl, mix about 2 T butter and 3 T herbs de provence (here’s how to make your own herbs de provence). You can also buy it in a store. Slide the mixture under the skin. Put all four leg/thighs in a big zip lock bag and let sit overnight in the refrigerator. (If you don’t do this a day in advance, no problem. Do it now!)

Butter and Herbs
Butter and Herbs

Take the chicken out of the fridge 30 minutes before it goes on the grill so it warms up to room temperature.

On a gas grill, turn on the left and right side burners medium high, leaving the middle burner off. After the 30 minutes, put the chicken legs/thighs on the middle burner, skin side down. Leave the burners on either side on so the chicken cooks by indirect heat. Close the lid and leave for one hour. Don’t touch it!

Slow Roasting Chicken
Slow Roasting Chicken

After an hour, check the chicken for doneness. Pull away the skin and make sure liquids run clear and the meat easily falls off the bone. Dinner is served!

Platter of Slow-Roasted Chicken
Platter of Slow-Roasted Chicken

This goes nicely with June’s roasted red potatoes and grilled asparagus.


  • four chicken legs and thighs, still connected, bone-in, skin on
  • 3 T herbs de provence
  • 2 T butter

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