FoodShed Faves: Garden to Kitchen Scissors

A few years ago, the FoodShed blew a hole in the side of the house and had some lovely french doors put in. Then we could run straight from the kitchen out into the garden, snip up some rosemary or tarragon, cut off some swiss chard or shiso, and run right back into the kitchen and keep on cooking. These kitchen/garden/kitchen scissors are the perfect tool for snipping off herbs and greens outside, and then snipping them into the pan inside. Plus they have a hidden super power.

Kitchen Scissors In The Wild
Kitchen Scissors In The Wild


They’re super sharp, feel lovely in your hand, and for their super power…

They come apart for thorough, easy cleaning. And THAT is why these scissors are a FoodShed Fave.


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5 thoughts on “FoodShed Faves: Garden to Kitchen Scissors”

  1. I absolutely love nipping outside to gather some fresh herbs for whatever is cooking in the kitchen. My new yard is very small, but I will be planting herbs! I think sage would look wondering amongst the shrubbery out front, don’t you? Love the tip for the scissors – I usually just use my fingers to break off what I need, but I’m sure sometimes I bruise the plants. Can’t have too many good tools in the kitchen!

    1. That’s so wise of you to plant some fresh herbs. They make all the difference in the garden AND the kitchen. Sage would indeed look lovely! We’re posting soon about all of the herbs we grow in pots outside the kitchen door, so maybe you’ll get some good ideas from that, too!

      1. I had a big herb garden outside the door at my last house, and it was wonderful. I’ll miss it here, but I think I can fit all my favourites into the flower beds at the new place and some pots placed here and there.

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