April Planting in Seattle: Garlic, Peas, Arugula and Potatoes

The sun burst through the Seattle clouds for a few hours today, and we were delighted to get out into our garden to do some April planting. Right now, we’re planting arugula, sugar pod peas, potatoes, and herbs. Come see what’s going in the ground!

Garlic in the Sun
Garlic in the Sun

The garlic planting was a bit of a surprise. We opened a closet to find we’d forgotten to plant the garlic (which according to the package, said it should have been planted in November). But no matter. We have it now, so we planted it in one of the kiwi boxes, and we’ll all see what happens. (Does anyone have experience planting garlic?)

These Oregon sugar pod peas were developed at Oregon State University. (Half of the FoodShed attended the University of Oregon, a bitter rival of the Oregon State Beavers, but we can certainly appreciate a quality agricultural school, too.) We are excited to try them because they’re non-climbing (so we can just let them drape over the edge of one of our planter boxes) plus they’re prolific producers. They should be mature in 64 days. We picked them up on a trip to visit Ruth in Oregon. (GO DUCKS!!)

Oregon Sugar Pod Peas
Oregon Sugar Pod Peas

Now, this arugula also looked delicious. We planted it in between two rows of swiss chard, and are looking forward to adding a little spice to salads with this great little leafy green.


Now, perhaps one of the most exciting developments this month – the purchase of two potato tubs. Instead of making mounds of dirt in the yard, we’ll be using these clever little circular tubs to grow our potatoes. They have a little velcro handhole on the side, to reach in and harvest your potatoes. How clever!

Potato Tubs
Potato Tubs

We have two types of potatoes this year – Russian Banana and Cherry Red. The Russian Banana will be ready for harvest in 110 days, and the Cherry Red will be ready in 65. We layered 6″ of soil in the bottom of the tubs, put in the tubers, and then covered them with a bit more soil. We’ll continue to layer more soil over them as they grow, and we’ll all find out together how well these tubs work.

Potatoes to Plant
Potatoes to Plant

We’ll also be thinning the radishes this month, now that they’re sprouting so happily.

What are YOU planting this month? Let us know your gardening tips, favorite vegetables, and gardening stories. And, stay tuned as we plant up our herb pots. We’ll be sharing the essential herbs everyone should have outside your kitchen door.

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8 thoughts on “April Planting in Seattle: Garlic, Peas, Arugula and Potatoes”

  1. I kill everything I try and plant, but I’m giving it a go this year. And this morning I walked out to find that my little radishes were peeking out! Perhaps something will survive this year! If I wanted to plant a zucchini,when should I do that?

    1. Go, little radishes! You know, I think a lot of it comes down to timing as much as anything else. You actually need the soil to warm up to a certain temperature to really facilitate germination. If you want to plant summer squashes (squashi?) of all kinds, you can sow those out under a cloche May, or wait until June and just straight plant it. One invaluable resource that we use religously is the Maritime Northwest Garden Guide from Seattle Tilth. It’s just a little paperback, and it has SO MUCH info! Keep us posted on the radishes. I’d be curious how you cook with them.

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