Making the Bird – Part 4: Thanksgiving Turkey Roasting Recipe

Here’s how to prepare and roast your turkey. Thank you Saveur magazine for lots of tips! In our previous blog post, we talked about turkey roasting times and taking the bird out 2 hours before roasting. Here’s what’s next.

Preparing the turkey While the oven is preheating to 450, tuck the turkey wings behinds its neck and tie the ends of the drumsticks together with string. In a strong roasting pan, place the turkey breast side up. Pour one and a half cups of homemade turkey broth into the pan and put the turkey in the oven.

Roasting the turkey With the turkey in the oven, lower the heat to 350. At one and a half hours, rotate the pan. Rotate it again at two and a half or three hours. If your oven doesn’t cook evenly (and most don’t), this will keep everything nicely balanced.

Baste the bird every 45 minutes by spooning turkey drippings over the breast. If the drumsticks or breast start to look like they’re getting too brown, loosely drape a protective foil tent over them. If they look like they’re not getting brown enough, turn the turkey to roast breast side down for a while, and then finish roasting it breast side up.

When is it done? The juice should run nearly clear (with just a bit of pink) and a thermometer inserted in the thigh (not touch the bone) should read 170. Let the bird rest for 30 minutes before carving, so everything can set.

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