Oyster shooters, clams and Port Townsend Beer

Foodshed is on the road! We’re in Port Townsend, Washington, at Sirens, a bar housed in old town, overlooking the water. The beer: Port Townsend brewing IPA. It was hoppy (of course) with almost a lemony taste as well.

20111113-034301 PM.jpg

The oysters in these oyster shooters didn’t have to travel far. They’re from Dabob Bay, about 45 minutes from here. Classically delicious.

20111113-034207 PM.jpg

The steamed clams came with a wine broth and tomatoes, shallots, fresh parsley, garlic, fresh basil, and chili flakes. It was awesome, with grilled bread for dipping. Perfect for a blustery day on the waterfront.

20111113-034353 PM.jpg

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