Northwest Mussels in a Guinness Cream Broth

It’s hard to show restraint whilst visiting Taylor Shellfish‘s beautiful new storefront location. We saved the restraint for another occasion, and bought some amazing shellfish. First up: mussels in guinness.

We just got a new cookbook called ‘good fish’ by Becky Selengut. This seemed like the perfect time to try out one of her sustainable seafood recipes.

Olive Oil, Shallots and Spices
Olive Oil, Shallots and Spices

In a big pot (we used a wok) over medium-high heat, heat olive oil, 1/4 cup shallots and salt. Saute the shallots and then add a pinch of cayenne, 3/4 cup Guinness (we actually used a cream beer), 3/4 cup cream, a tsp horseradish, a tsp honey, and 2 pounds of mussels. Stir the pot, put the lid on, and turn it up to high for 3 minutes.

When most of the mussels have opened, transfer the mussels to a serving bowl. Then boil the sauce gently until it’s reduced by half. Turn off the heat, add 2 tablespoons butter and the same amount of chopped parsley. Pour the sauce over the mussels, and serve with bread and beer. An amazing meal for guests.

Mussels in Guinness Cream Broth
Mussels in Guinness Cream Broth

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8 thoughts on “Northwest Mussels in a Guinness Cream Broth”

  1. You know, what I am jealous! You eat every meal like it is your last!? Everything you guys fix look so good, I can almost smell it from here!

    1. you know, that’s totally insightful of you. why spend time making food unless it’s food that’s good for your body and your soul.

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