Potato Harvest (on a tiny scale)

This was our first year growing potatoes. I don’t know why potatoes seem like such a mysterious thing to grow. Maybe because all the growing magic is taking place underground, in a pile of dirt, and it’s a leap of faith to even believe that somewhere under there, lots of little potatoes really are growing?

Dirty Little Red Potatoes
Dirty Little Red Potatoes

Seriously, potatoes turned out to be laughably easy to grow, albeit a little counterintuitive. Put the plant in the ground. Periodically pile more dirt on top of the plant. It likes it. (!) Root around in the dirt a few months later, and there’s your potatoes.

Freshly Harvested Red Potatoes
Freshly Harvested Red Potatoes

What goes nicely with potatoes? Bell peppers.

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4 thoughts on “Potato Harvest (on a tiny scale)”

  1. Harvesting potatoes is alot of fun. Just when you think you have them all a couple of weeks later you find more growing under the garlic.

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