Carrots & Beets – My So-Called Steinbeck Life

Our urban beet (and carrot) farming has been very fruitful. We’re practicing a rotating-crop urban-tilth method, and farming in just four small beds and a few big bins. After we harvested half a bed of  beets and made pickled beets, we planted that half of the bed with MORE beets (god help us). We have a lot of beets. We feel a kinship with the Joads. And Dwight Schrute. At least the beets are pretty.

The Beets of Wrath
Beets of Wrath

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One thought on “Carrots & Beets – My So-Called Steinbeck Life”

  1. How about beet juice? And when you drink it you will have the added fun of peeing pink.
    Beets, carrots, celery, apple or beets, cucumber, pineapple

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