Kabocha Squash/Sage Ravioli

We went to the farmer’s market and picked up a beautiful, orange kabocha squash. And, there’s lots of sage in the garden. Time to make ravioli!

Cut the kabocha in half, remove the seeds, and put it face down on a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet. Roast at 350 until it’s done. No need for olive oil. It’ll be just fine.

Scoop out the meat, and mix it with ricotta, fresh diced garlic, nutmeg, an egg, and salt and pepper.

Kavocha squash mix
Kabocha squash mix, with ricotta, egg, and nutmeg

Then roll out the pasta into sheets. Put the first sheet on a cookie sheet that’s sprinkled with semolina flour. On top of the pasta sheet, put a saran wrap sheet. then put semolina flour on top of that, pasta sheet next, then more semolina, etc. Put it in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Lay out a sheet of pasta, put a dollop of filling on it, an inch and a half apart, run egg wash around teh whole dollop, and put the second sheet on top. Then seal it and run your roller over it. Make it into the little squares.

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