Homemade Fettucine & Shrimp

Thanks to my co-worker Lee, we got a new (used) pasta machine! Just the simple little hand-crank kind, that’s been around since Italian’s started making pasta. And man, it’s awesome!

How to make the incredible accompanying garlic bread: Take some leftover challah (or any other bread you have around. Chop up garlic, and sprinkle it on the buttered bread with some fresh parlsey.

Pop it in the oven at 350 until it’s bubbly and delicious.

Meanwhile, take your dozen or so cleaned shrimp, and toss them in a low-heat frying pan that’s got a bit of vegetable oil and chili oil and chili flakes. Once you smell the garlic, then put the shrimp in and cook until they turn pink. Stir and rotate a lot, season with salt and pepper. (just a few minutes)

Then drop in your pre-cooked fettucine, stir it around, and serve it up!

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Seattle Foodshed

Gardening, foraging, exploring and cooking. Time for a delicious adventure.

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