Futomaki (the big one)

Thanks to Grandma Toshiko, I can roll myself a futomaki or two when I get to craving some sushi.

First, you need the tamago. That’s a slightly sweet omelette, made of beaten egg, some sugar, some soy sauce, a bit of hon dashi (if you have it), maybe some mirin. Pour it onto a griddle or into a frying pan, and keep folding it over on itself, so you get a square log.

You also need (obviously) sushi rice. I make the rice in a rice cooker, because that’s the only way i know how. In a little frying pan, mix together 5 tablespoons sushi-su (rice vinegar), 3 tablespoons sugar, and 2 teaspoons salt. When it’s all melted, and the rice is ready, put the rice into a shallow casserole dish, and, while fanning the rice with one hand, slowly pour the vinegar mixture over the rice. Then keep fanning the rice with one hand, while fluffing it with the other. If you can pat your head and rub your stomach, then good for you. Drink some sake to make this more of a challenge.

Now, you’ve already cut your vegetables into long slices. You could use avocado, fake krab, cucumber with the seedy middle cut out, the tamago, inari, and whatever else you might like.

Now, lay out your rolling mat. On top of that, put your nori (the flat seaweed). Place the ingredients inside like so:


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