A Pack of Pickles

So, the first time we did this, it was 104 degrees in the middle of Seattle’s hottest (well, only, really) heat wave ever. This being Seattle, we certainly didn’t have A.C. But the dill was about to go bad, and the heat had addled our brains, so pickle we did.

Now, it’s cooler. And this time, we’re pickling for real.

Things you need: Wide mouth quart canning jars, and a pickling tub.

This thing is big enough to bathe three cats, if you had three cats. Which we actually do. And we actually did, when it was 104.

Fill the canning tub. Put the jars in, and put it on to boil.


Next: We wash the pickles.


On deck: Garlic, peppers, and dill. Note: The dill should be flowering dill.


And now, we make the brine. To do this, you need 16 tablespoons of salt. (i.e., 1 cup). Also, 8 cups of water and 8 cups of white distilled vinegar. Pour all this into a big stock pot, and set ‘er on to boil.

You know it’s time to put everything in jars once the brine is boiling and the jars are sterile.

Oh, and another thing. The pickles should proceed directly to the freezer after their bath. Not frozen, just cold. This is the secret to a crunchy pickle.

Then, manufacture your pickles. Put a few cloves smashed garlic, a couple slices red jalapeno pepper, and a few sprigs of dill in the jar. Pack in the pickles around it. Pour the brine in to the top.

Et voila. Pickles!

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